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Class StorageManager

The static class that manages storage of save game data.


  • StorageManager



Protected constructor


Static backup

  • backup(savefileId: number): void

Static backupExists

  • backupExists(savefileId: number): boolean

Static cleanBackup

  • cleanBackup(savefileId: number): boolean

Static exists

  • exists(savefileId: number): boolean

Static fileDirectoryPath

  • fileDirectoryPath(): string

Static filePath

  • filePath(): string

Static forageExists

  • forageExists(saveName: string): boolean

Static forageKey

  • forageKey(): string

Static forageKeysUpdated

  • forageKeysUpdated(): boolean

Static forageTestKey

  • forageTestKey(): string

Static fsMkdir

  • fsMkdir(path: string): void

Static fsReadFile

  • fsReadFile(path: string): void

Static fsRename

  • fsRename(oldPath: string, newPath: string): void

Static fsUnlink

  • fsUnlink(path: string): void

Static fsWriteFile

  • fsWriteFile(path: string, data: any): void

Static isLocalMode

  • isLocalMode(): boolean

Static jsonToObject

Static jsonToZip

Static load

  • load(savefileId: number): string

Static loadFromForage

  • loadFromForage(saveName: string): Promise<any>

Static loadFromLocalBackupFile

  • loadFromLocalBackupFile(savefileId: number): string

Static loadFromLocalFile

  • loadFromLocalFile(savefileId: number): string

Static loadFromWebStorage

  • loadFromWebStorage(savefileId: number): string

Static loadFromWebStorageBackup

  • loadFromWebStorageBackup(savefileId: number): string

Static loadObject

  • loadObject(object: any): Promise<any>

Static loadZip

  • loadZip(saveName: string, zip: any): Promise<any>

Static localFileBackupExists

  • localFileBackupExists(savefileId: number): boolean

Static localFileDirectoryPath

  • localFileDirectoryPath(): string

Static localFileExists

  • localFileExists(savefileId: number): boolean

Static localFilePath

  • localFilePath(savefileId: number): string

Static objectToJson

  • objectToJson(object: any): Promise<any>

Static remove

  • remove(savefileId: number): void

Static removeForage

  • removeForage(saveName: string): Promise<any>

Static removeLocalFile

  • removeLocalFile(savefileId: number): void

Static removeWebStorage

  • removeWebStorage(savefileId: number): void

Static restoreBackup

  • restoreBackup(savefileId: number): void

Static save

  • save(savefileId: number, json: string): void

Static saveObject

  • saveObject(saveName: string, object: any): Promise<any>

Static saveToForage

  • saveToForage(saveName: string): Promise<any>

Static saveToLocalFile

  • saveToLocalFile(savefileId: number, json: string): void

Static saveToWebStorage

  • saveToWebStorage(savefileId: number, json: string): void

Static saveZip

  • saveZip(saveName: string, zip: any): Promise<any>

Static updateForageKeys

Static webStorageBackupExists

  • webStorageBackupExists(savefileId: number): boolean

Static webStorageExists

  • webStorageExists(savefileId: number): boolean

Static webStorageKey

  • webStorageKey(savefileId: number): string

Static zipToJson

  • zipToJson(zip: any): Promise<any>

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