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Class BattleManager

Manages the game battles to process all of the events that happen within.


  • BattleManager



Protected constructor



_action: Game_Action


_actionBattlers: Game_Battler[]


_actionForceBattler: Game_Battler


_actorIndex: number


_battleTest: boolean


_canEscape: boolean


_canLose: boolean


_escapeRatio: number


_escaped: boolean


_eventCallback: () => void

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void


_logWindow: Window_BattleLog




_phase: string


_preemptive: boolean


_rewards: BattleRewards


_spriteset: Spriteset_Battle


_statusWindow: Window_BattleStatus


_subject: Game_Battler


_surprise: boolean


_targets: Game_Battler[]


Static abort

  • abort(): void

Static actor

Static allBattleMembers

Static applySubstitute

Static canEscape

  • canEscape(): boolean

Static canLose

  • canLose(): boolean

Static changeActor

  • changeActor(newActorIndex: number, lastActorActionState: string): void

Static checkAbort

  • checkAbort(): boolean

Static checkBattleEnd

  • checkBattleEnd(): boolean

Static checkSubstitute

Static clearActor

  • clearActor(): void

Static displayDefeatMessage

  • displayDefeatMessage(): void

Static displayDropItems

  • displayDropItems(): void

Static displayEscapeFailureMessage

  • displayEscapeFailureMessage(): void

Static displayEscapeSuccessMessage

  • displayEscapeSuccessMessage(): void

Static displayExp

  • displayExp(): void

Static displayGold

  • displayGold(): void

Static displayRewards

  • displayRewards(): void

Static displayStartMessages

  • displayStartMessages(): void

Static displayVictoryMessage

  • displayVictoryMessage(): void

Static endAction

  • endAction(): void

Static endBattle

Static endTurn

  • endTurn(): void

Static forceAction

Static gainDropItems

  • gainDropItems(): void

Static gainExp

  • gainExp(): void

Static gainGold

  • gainGold(): void

Static gainRewards

  • gainRewards(): void

Static getNextSubject

Static initMembers

  • initMembers(): void

Static inputtingAction

Static invokeAction

  • invokeAction(): void

Static invokeCounterAttack

  • invokeCounterAttack(): void

Static invokeMagicReflection

  • invokeMagicReflection(): void

Static invokeNormalAction

  • invokeNormalAction(): void

Static isAborting

  • isAborting(): boolean

Static isActionForced

  • isActionForced(): boolean

Static isBattleEnd

  • isBattleEnd(): boolean

Static isBattleTest

  • isBattleTest(): boolean

Static isBusy

  • isBusy(): boolean

Static isEscaped

  • isEscaped(): boolean

Static isInTurn

  • isInTurn(): boolean

Static isInputting

  • isInputting(): boolean

Static isTurnEnd

  • isTurnEnd(): boolean

Static makeActionOrders

  • makeActionOrders(): void

Static makeEscapeRatio

  • makeEscapeRatio(): void

Static makeRewards

  • makeRewards(): void

Static onEncounter

  • onEncounter(): void

Static playBattleBgm

  • playBattleBgm(): void

Static playDefeatMe

  • playDefeatMe(): void

Static playVictoryMe

  • playVictoryMe(): void

Static processAbort

  • processAbort(): void

Static processDefeat

  • processDefeat(): void

Static processEscape

  • processEscape(): boolean

Static processForcedAction

  • processForcedAction(): void

Static processTurn

  • processTurn(): void

Static processVictory

  • processVictory(): void

Static ratePreemptive

  • ratePreemptive(): number

Static rateSurprise

  • rateSurprise(): number

Static refreshStatus

  • refreshStatus(): void

Static replayBgmAndBgs

  • replayBgmAndBgs(): void

Static saveBgmAndBgs

  • saveBgmAndBgs(): void

Static selectNextCommand

  • selectNextCommand(): void

Static selectPreviousCommand

  • selectPreviousCommand(): void

Static setBattleTest

  • setBattleTest(battleTest: boolean): void

Static setEventCallback

  • setEventCallback(callback: () => void): void

Static setLogWindow

Static setSpriteset

Static setStatusWindow

Static setup

  • setup(troopId: number, canEscape: boolean, canLose: boolean): void

Static startAction

  • startAction(): void

Static startBattle

  • startBattle(): void

Static startInput

  • startInput(): void

Static startTurn

  • startTurn(): void

Static update

  • update(): void

Static updateAction

  • updateAction(): void

Static updateBattleEnd

  • updateBattleEnd(): void

Static updateEvent

  • updateEvent(): boolean

Static updateEventMain

  • updateEventMain(): boolean

Static updateTurn

  • updateTurn(): void

Static updateTurnEnd

  • updateTurnEnd(): void

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