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Class AudioManager

Static class that handles BGM, BGS, ME, and SE.


  • AudioManager



Protected constructor


Static _bgmBuffer

_bgmBuffer: HTML5Audio

Static _bgmVolume

_bgmVolume: number

Static _bgsBuffer

_bgsBuffer: HTML5Audio

Static _bgsVolume

_bgsVolume: number

Static _blobUrl

_blobUrl: string

Static _currentBgm

_currentBgm: AudioParameters

Static _currentBgs

_currentBgs: AudioParameters

Static _meBuffer

_meBuffer: HTML5Audio

Static _meVolume

_meVolume: number

Static _path

_path: string

Static _replayFadeTime

_replayFadeTime: number

Static _seBuffers

_seBuffers: HTML5Audio[]

Static _seVolume

_seVolume: number

Static _staticBuffers

_staticBuffers: HTML5Audio[]

Static bgmVolume

bgmVolume: number

Static bgsVolume

bgsVolume: number

Static meVolume

meVolume: number

Static seVolume

seVolume: number


Static audioFileExt

  • audioFileExt(): string

Static checkErrors

  • checkErrors(): void

Static checkWebAudioError

Static createBuffer

Static createDecryptBuffer

  • createDecryptBuffer(url: string, bgm: AudioParameters, pos?: number): void

Static fadeInBgm

  • fadeInBgm(duration: number): void

Static fadeInBgs

  • fadeInBgs(duration: number): void

Static fadeOutBgm

  • fadeOutBgm(duration: number): void

Static fadeOutBgs

  • fadeOutBgs(duration: number): void

Static fadeOutMe

  • fadeOutMe(duration: number): void

Static isCurrentBgm

Static isCurrentBgs

Static isStaticSe

Static loadStaticSe

Static makeEmptyAudioObject

Static pdateCurrentBgm

Static playBgm

Static playBgs

Static playEncryptedBgm

Static playMe

Static playSe

Static playStaticSe

Static replayBgm

Static replayBgs

Static saveBgm

Static saveBgs

Static shouldUseHtml5Audio

  • shouldUseHtml5Audio(): string

Static stopAll

  • stopAll(): void

Static stopBgm

  • stopBgm(): void

Static stopBgs

  • stopBgs(): void

Static stopMe

  • stopMe(): void

Static stopSe

  • stopSe(): void

Static updateBgmParameters

Static updateBgsParameters

Static updateBufferParameters

Static updateCurrentBgs

Static updateMeParameters

Static updateSeParameters

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