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Class SceneManager

Manages the scenes of the game.


  • SceneManager



Protected constructor


Static _accumulator

_accumulator: number

Static _backgroundBitmap

_backgroundBitmap: Bitmap

Static _boxHeight

_boxHeight: number

Static _boxWidth

_boxWidth: number

Static _currentTime

_currentTime: number

Static _deltaTime

_deltaTime: number

Static _nextScene

_nextScene: Scene_Base

Static _scene

_scene: Scene_Base

Convenience variable for getting the current scene.

Static _screenHeight

_screenHeight: number

Static _screenWidth

_screenWidth: number

Static _stack

_stack: any[]


Static backgroundBitmap

Static catchException

  • catchException(e: Event): void

Static changeScene

  • changeScene(): void

Static clearStack

  • clearStack(): void

Static exit

  • exit(): void

Static goto

  • goto(sceneClass: any): void

Static initAudio

  • initAudio(): void

Static initGraphics

  • initGraphics(): void

Static initInput

  • initInput(): void

Static initNwjs

  • initNwjs(): void

Static initialize

  • initialize(): void

Static isCurrentSceneBusy

  • isCurrentSceneBusy(): boolean

Static isCurrentSceneStarted

  • isCurrentSceneStarted(): boolean

Static isNextScene

  • isNextScene(sceneClass: any): boolean

Static isPreviousScene

  • isPreviousScene(sceneClass: any): boolean

Static isSceneChanging

  • isSceneChanging(): boolean

Static onError

  • onError(e: Event): void

Static onKeyDown

Static onSceneCreate

  • onSceneCreate(): void

Static onSceneLoading

  • onSceneLoading(): void

Static onSceneStart

  • onSceneStart(): void

Static pop

  • pop(): void

Static preferableRendererType

  • preferableRendererType(): string

Static prepareNextScene

  • prepareNextScene(): void

Static push

  • push(sceneClass: any): void

Static renderScene

  • renderScene(): void

Static shouldUseCanvasRenderer

  • shouldUseCanvasRenderer(): boolean

Static snap

Static snapForBackground

  • snapForBackground(): void

Static stop

  • stop(): void

Static terminate

  • terminate(): void

Static tickEnd

  • tickEnd(): void

Static tickStart

  • tickStart(): void

Static update

  • update(): void

Static updateManagers

  • updateManagers(ticks: number, delta: number): void

Static updateScene

  • updateScene(): void

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