We are a small team of plugin developers that have come together to create plugins and tools for both RPGMakerMV and MZ.

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Open Source

All of our plugins are open-source available on Github.

Haxe Powered

Powered by a strongly typed language means our plugins have fewer bugs on release.

MV and MZ

We ensure that all of our plugins work under both RPG Maker MV and MZ.

# Our tools

We develop multiple tools to aid developers making plugins for RPG Maker MV and MZ.

# LunaTea


LunaTea is a project developed in the Haxe programming language that we use personally for creating many of our cross-platform plugins.

It is the base that we use to create the documentation for LunaLite (Typescript documentation for RPGMakerMV/MZ); it is also what we use to create LunaSense (IntelliSense for RPGMakerMV/MZ)

This allows us to write plugins that target both platforms with a large set of features such as:

  • Full access to the Haxe Standard Library
  • Easily add your contact information through the attribution text
  • Change your build process for each and every plugin you create
  • Type inference and code completion while creating your plugins
  • Compile-time checks to prevent null errors in your code
  • Dead Code Elimination
  • Add Prepend JS libraries to your code as part of a plugin
  • Create plugins in parts via separate Haxe files
  • No longer deal with the monolithic plugin file
  • Generate build dates for your plugins
  • Enhancements for classes and basic types through static extensions and abstracts
  • Bundle Documentation With Code
  • File watching; copies files to the game's js directory
  • Automatic formatting of the file on save
  • Backward compatible with MV through conditional compilation
  • and much more!

LunaTea is still in early developement!

# LunaLite


LunaLite is a set of documentation websites for both RPGMakerMV and MZ. We created this to give other developers like ourselves a leg up on creating their own games and understanding how the game engine works with the other libraries. This is a project we're consistently working on to provide the community with better tools to get things done.

Visit LunaLiteMZ and LunaLiteMV.

# LunaSense


LunaSense takes advantage of the above documentation for both RPGMakerMV and MZ, to create IntelliSense and autocompletion when creating plugins in RPGMakerMV/MZ.

This documentation includes Pixi documentation along with the MV/MZ documentation. We wanted to provide this to the community to make creating plugins a bit easier. For those who write JavaScript, it'll help you write more efficiently. For those who want to use Typescript, this can be a starting point for creating your own RPGMaker plugins using TypeScript.

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